Top 5 Countries in Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy and The Top 5 Countries for Renewable Energy Action. written by: mawira1 Renewable energy refers to the energy coming from natural sources such as the sun, wind, tides, rain, geothermal heat and biomass among others. These sources are naturally replenished once used. Since these sources are naturally occurring, there is no danger of depleting the reserves.

The primary sources of renewable energy include solar, wind, geothermal and hydro-power.

Solar Energy

One of the most utilized forms of renewable energy is solar power collection. Sun based vitality reaps the sun radiation and warmth and believers these into power that can be utilized to control a home or business. The overabundance vitality can likewise be encouraged into the electrical framework of a neighborhood service organization for credit and conceivable installment. While sun based force negligibly affects the Earth when introduced on existing structures, there are a few restrictions connected with its utilization. Sunlight based vitality must be gathered ideally when the sun is sparkling. Changes in climate such as downpour, snow or overcast climate can lessen or dispose of the measure of vitality reaped.

Wind Energy

For a few sections of the world, wind force is a fabulous wellspring of supplemental electrical vitality. Wind ranches are appearing left and right gathering enough vitality to bolster whole groups and residential areas. While wind ranches leave an exceptionally constrained effect on the Earth, the upkeep and starting expense is frequently higher than other option vitality decisions.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal vitality is viewed as one of the minimum contaminating sorts of option vitality. The benefit of re-newables gathered as warmth is the lower expense of upkeep with a high expected vitality yield. The forthright cost of setting up a geothermal plant is gigantic, and there is dependably the chance that the warmed vitality source is not as renewable as once thought. Propelled penetrating methods are expected to set up an association with the Earth’s prime vitality source, heat. The warmth is collected through profound gaps in the Earth which abandon some scrutinizing the genuine effect on the planet. In spite of the fact that the carbon foot shaped impression of geothermal cultivating is negligible, the territory of ground expected to build up a live plant will for sure wreck nearby creature and untamed life environment.

Hydro-power Energy;

The force of water has long been utilized to create power. The vitality is regularly changed over with 80% to 90% effectiveness which makes hydro-power one of most gainful option vitality sources. The upside of this renewable vitality is a steady supply of force and hydro-force is the same. While hydro-force is successful wherever it is utilized, a few ranges with occasional precipitation and waterways that become scarce amid the hot seasons would most likely not profit by hydro-power generators.

5 Top Countries Leading The World In Renewable Energy

1. The United States: 24.7 percent of the world aggregate.
The U.S. utilization of option vitality sources is expanding because of government, state, and neighborhood charge and different motivators, and in addition commanded state objectives.

2. Germany: 11.7 percent of the world aggregate.
Germany settled on a notable choice when the nation chose to eliminate atomic force from option sources by 2022.

3. Spain, 7.8 percent of world aggregate
Last April, Wind power turned into Spain’s biggest wellspring of power era, in spite of the fact that the nation still imports the dominant part of its vitality. Spanish makers are likewise constructing turbines and introducing wind cultivates globally, incorporating into the U.S.

4. China: 7.6 percent of world aggregate .
China is raising 36 wind turbines a day and building a vigorous new power framework to send this force a large number of miles the nation over from the deserts of the west to the urban communities of the east.

5. Brazil: 5 percent of world aggregate
Brazil has supported critical ventures into the wind division through government barters for contracts.

Technology is continually advancing, affording us with some new options and I think it is safe to say that shortly we will see some tremendous advancement with regards to renewable energy. It is the only future for the planet, and there is simply no other option in the longer term.

Top 5 Trends in Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is generated from natural sources that cannot be exhausted but are continuously renewed. The sources include sunlight, the wind, water and biomass.

Renewable vs. Alternative Energy

Renewable energy and alternative energy have slight difference even though they sound similar. Both the alternative and renewable energy are the other energy sources used in the place of fossil fuels. However, the difference between the two lays on their impact and the environment. Alternative energy has no adverse effect on the environment while renewables may in one way or the other affect the environment, especially if not well situated.

Types of renewable energy

The various types of renewable energy come from natural processes as detailed below;

Solar energy

The sunlight is the primary source of most renewable energy, either directly or indirectly. The power is generated through some fusion of the sun rays from the core of the sun. Although solar energy is still insufficient for the many needs of the society, it gives a significant contribution to the peoples’ needs through a number of functions that include;

  • Heating and lighting of buildings through the use of solar attic insulators
  • Hot water heating using solar collectors
  • Through the use of photovoltaic cells, solar energy is converted into electricity
  • Among other industrial applications.

Wind energy

Wind power is in a way dependent on the sun. When the sun heat comes into contact with the air movement on the Earth’s surface, energy is produced and captured by wind turbines. As a result, a renewable type of energy known as wind power is produced. When this energy is in plenty, it can be used to pump water from reservoirs to generate electricity.


Moving water is sole generator of this energy. Rivers, dams and other water reservoirs are the primary sources of the hydro-power energy where water is continuously renewed to produce electricity. However, since these sources are not renewable, hydro-power may experience problems during the dry season when water in rivers and dams reduce. Hydro-power is the commonest type of energy in many countries.


Biomass is simply the energy received from plants. It is the organic matter that makes up plants. The power requires the burning of wood and trees in general as well as the burning of natural waste products. However, in the modern world, experts produce the biomass energy through methane generation and alcohol production used as motor fuel for vehicles.

Biogas energy

The biogas energy is very popular among farmers. The use of biogas aims at reducing pollution in homes by having animal waste converted into energy. The waste is usually burnt in a systematic manner resulting in a clean burning gas. Farmers can use this power for the general lighting of their homes, water heating, as boiler fuel and if the production is massive, the farmer can sell the excess.