Is Composite Decking Any Good?

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Composite decking is the fastest growing wood deck choice in the marketplace. Advancements in the way composite decking products are created have enabled composite decking manufacturers to mimic the appearance of several exotic hardwoods to provide the homeowner choices they typically wouldn’t have when designing and constructing a deck.


Composite decking is a man-made construction product which contains an approximate equal mixture of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic. They don’t require the staining, staining, sealing, and plank replacement which come together with wood decks. Despite the fact that they need more initial investment, a composite deck more than makes up for this initial cost over the life span of this deck.


With the many benefits of selecting composite decking in australia, such as lower maintenance and being resistant to mould and insects, composite decking has been deemed among the most durable decking products in the marketplace today. Besides these advantages, new capped composite decking is also stain and fade resistant, so it is much easier to wash and has very substantial color retention. Capped composite decking is sealed and is much easier to clean if mould and mildew form on the surface. As there are exposed wood fibers in uncapped composite decking boards, it may be susceptible to mold growth exactly like every outdoor surface. However, cleaning your deck occasionally can help keep mold at bay.


Installation of composite decking uses the very same tools as conventional wood decking with the added benefit of side grooves for concealed fasteners. A hidden fastener system uses grooves built into the sides of the decking boards to get a smooth surface with no screws showing. Besides, you have the additional advantage of absolutely no splinters, twisting or warping. However, it’s important to note you have to follow the manufacturer’s directions for setup.

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