The Best (Market Direct Campers) Review

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Market Direct Campers are a unique service that provides customers all over Australia with trailers and caravans. Some of their most popular models feature hardwood floors and other furnishings that help make the trailer feel like home. They specialize in high-quality designs that are guaranteed to last. Customers can select from a range of different options to find what suits them best. They are a reliable manufacturer and distributor of caravans and trailers for all outdoor needs. From camping to road trips, they make finding the perfect portable home easy, simple and convenient.


Past customers have recommended Market Direct Campers as a result of their prompt customer service and reliable team support. Market Direct Campers promptly assists customers if they are any issues with the trailer or caravan after purchase. Past customers have also recommended MDC for their knowledgable staff. Market Direct Campers offers a delivery service for their customers all year round. This is the best way to ensure you are able to receive your trailer as soon as you need it for your next big trip.


They also have showrooms in all major cities in Australia, including Melbourne. Their Melbourne showroom offers the top selection of trailers and caravans from the company. They have been in business for over 12 years. They are committed to research and development of their trailers from start to finish. This means they construct the caravans and trailers out of the highest quality supplies. As stated previously, a significant benefit of Market Direct Campers is their hardwood floors. They offer hardwood floors for their trailers to add a high-quality feel. This separates MDC from other companies. They strive for the best customer experience. Market Direct Campers has successfully sold of 25,000 trailers/caravans in Australia. They have been highly recommend by many frequent travelers and families.

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