What is a Safe Herbicide for a Herb Garden?

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Growing an herb garden is a fun and beneficial endeavor. There is one problem though that everyone whio grown herb gardens share: weeds. While it is true that you can’t prevent weeds from growing, you can surely eliminate them. But the problem with many commercial weed killers is that contain harmful chemicals that can make people and animals sick. If you value your health then you should avoid using these commercial herbicides. People asking what is a safe herbicide for a herb garden should try to use natural organic weed killers. You may not know it but natural herbicides may be present in your home right now.  The below are good for soil biology herbicide.



One safe household product that you can use to get rid of the weeds in your garden is vinegar. Vinegar has a good reputation as a natural weed killer. You need to be patient when you use vinegar though. A dozen or more applications is needed before you can see any tangible results. You can use any kind of vinegar. Vinegar that contains 5% acetic acid will do. However, if you can get hold of vinegar with 15% to 20% garde solution then that would be better. Stronger vinegar will require fewer applications.



Salt is another common kitchen staple that can help you get rid of weeds in your herb garden. It has been used as an herbicide for centuries and has been proven effective in eliminating even the most hard-to-kill weeds. It is also very cheap. To use salt as an herbicide, you need to dilute one part of it to three parts water. Mix the solution and then leave it to stand for ten minutes. Spray the solution on the weeds but make sure not to use it on flowers or lawns.


These are just two common natural herbicides that you can use to kill the weeds in your herb garden.

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